19 Vetter Streamliner – The Classic That Became an Industry Standard

Craig Vetter is someone people would refer to as a genius. One look at his Vetter Streamliner would tell just about any motorcycle person this. If you are a motorcycle newbie, I’ll explain this to you. First, Vetter’s specialty is the process of “streamlining” things. He loves to make objects less resistant to air. Motorsport magazine says that his design from 1969 is credited with creating the very first “Cruiser” line of motorcycles. It shocked the industry and people alike at the time. Next, Vetter brought the “Windjammer” fairing to the masses in 1980. It changed everything.

Because of the obvious safety and wind-blocking features, every motorcycle manufacturer now has this fairing design as industry standard equipment since the 1990’s. All thanks to Craig Vetter, the streamlining genius.